Should You Get a Background Check?

You nailed the interview. Every curveball they threw, you hit out of the park. A couple days later they call back, not with an offer, but with the results from the background check. Background check? What? They just threw you a sinker.

Statistics show that companies conducting background checks are on the rise. As a matter of fact, did you know that eight out of ten employers check a job candidate’s background? And for some jobs, specifically in the healthcare field, screening is required by federal or state law? When asked why they perform background checks so frequently these days, the answer was simple: Quality Control. For companies, it’s a way to learn more about the candidate through means other than a resume or interview. Background checks also ensure the hiring decisions they make are good ones.

So what kind of information are companies interested in when they conduct a background check? They check for the obvious like criminal records, employment and education verification plus the not-so-obvious like your credit history. And a bad credit report can work against you in your search for employment. Why? Employers can use your credit history as a measurement of your responsibility. Simply put: if you are not reliable in paying your bills, then how will you be a reliable employee?

So what can you do? Conduct a background check on yourself. Order a copy of your credit report, check court and DMV records and ask to see a copy of your personnel file from your old job. Not only will you be prepared to respond to some potentially dicey questions but you can make sure all the information is accurate.  Another helpful tool can be found at They offer SureCheck which is designed to help job seekers increase their marketability by pre-screening their own personal histories and credentials for potential employers.

Make sure your background checks out! Here is a list of the top three screening service companies that can perform background checks for nurses and other healthcare professionals.


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